So you come to Utila and immediately it feels like you are in Margaritaville. Then reality escapes you, and you overdo it. You drink so much that you end up hitting rock bottom inSkid Row. You realize you need to make some life changes, and find yourself in Rehab. If the program works, you end up enjoying una vida Tranquila. If it doesn’t, you regress and wind up Coco Loco. Either way at some point in a drunken moment when you forget what language you speak, you will utter  sounds like Ba.. Ba.. Lu  while staggering down Main Street looking for 7-11. So you grab some Munchies, and pass out, mind full of Caribbean Dreams. Upon waking, so hungover you feel like a piece of Driftwood, you wonder what day 2 will be like.

Margaritaville Skid Row Bar Rehab Tranquila Coco Loco Babalu Munchies Caribbean Dreams Driftwood Cafe